Wednesday, May 25, 2016

paved roads are a very good thing, life really sucked before roads were properly put down and paved

the world's largest privately owned vintage dirt-bike collection, Moto Armory

a collection in East Moline Illinois, of over 600-museum quality: surviving motorcycles, restored motorcycles, vintage parts, memorabilia, and signage. While the Moto Armory museum is mainly dedicated to off-road motorcycles, we have many other items of general motorsports history including: Vintage snowmobiles, vintage chainsaws, aircraft motors, bicycles, motors, military motorcycles and miscellaneous off-road equipment.!about/c10fk

Coolest thing I've seen all day, a garage built tractor / engine hoist to ease the moving of heavy car parts around

Very cool hot rodder, and cool guy blogger Travis, had blown my mind again... check out this fast photo gallery build of an ol Sears garden tractor (or mower)

this is not what a "drive through" is supposed to be... no, they really should have called it a "drive around"

Johnny Isakson, the senior U.S. Senator from Georgia, wants to keep trucking from going faster than 65 mph

“We'll put speed governors on all trucks at 65 miles an hour,” Isakson said. [That] controls the speed they'll go [and] keeps them under the speed limit, which is most times 70 [mph] but is far more safe for the people on the highways with them.”

The Department of Transportation has been working for three years on a new rule requiring the devices.

So far, the amendment has passed the U.S. Senate. If the bill passes the Senate and the House of Representatives, the rule would go into effect nationwide within six months.

I'll be darned, this blog just had it's 18 millionth view

warning, this is probably going to piss you off and make you furious at stupid Oklahoma people. One moron backed down an exit ramp, because he was lost- and caused a chain reaction crash

The initial crash occurred Tulsa’s Inner Dispersal Loop around 4 p.m when a man driving a white Nissan backed down a ramp because he claimed that he was lost.

This maneuver triggered a chain reaction crash involving two other vehicles on the IDL.

Richard Hughes, 63, a trucker since 1980, was hauling an empty tanker down the IDL and came upon the crash scene. The motorists involved were standing around their crashed vehicles. Hughes says he knew that he didn’t have time to stop to avoid hitting them, so he made a split second decision to save their lives

He hit his brakes and steered his rig up a concrete embankment, hitting an overhead sign post before coming to a stop.

Hughes was pinned in his truck, broken leg, with his foot trapped against the sign post and some truck parts for two hours as firefighters worked to extract him.

The driver of the white Nissan, Michael Todd Bennett, admitted that he backed up on the ramp, he was cited for improper backing on a roadway.

Good front bumper... that is sure to be long lasting and never cause you worry when asked to give someone a push

Irony... in the time of chrome bumpers, many people couldn't afford to replace the lousy cheap batteries they made back then, (remember the JC Penny battery fiasco?) or a starter that was needing replacement, so they would get a jump from anyone with jumper cables, or a push so they could pop the clutch, or park near the top of a hill so they could coast downhill and pop the clutch. Most tow trucks had big rubber pads on a huge flat front bumper, so they could push a vehicle off a road (wrecks weren't treated to hours of police analysis back then) or give someone a bump start

might as well take a photo to memorialize this breaking of the bosses new dumptruck

beware the low bridge

bus with an opera window ( I think that is what the round one in back was called)

Votes for women, and drives all over the USA

Dragster, by Milton Bradley. An odd little game

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

SaferMoto makes an array of lightweight protective vests and jackets equipped with airbags that have helped many riders walk away from crashes

They use an internal deployment system that connects to a motorcycle by tether, and deploys within .25 seconds if ejected from the bike, often before a rider’s brain even registers they’ve been thrown off.

It takes at least 66 pounds of pressure to trigger the airbag mechanism, pressure caused only by a forceful movement by the rider so that unnecessary deployment is avoided if they merely forget to disconnect the tether from the bike when dismounting.

The padding created by the inflation seems stiff and sustained enough to create a protective barrier against the back area. The collar also appears constricting enough to keep a helmet from compressing against the shoulders.

Skip the first minute, of course, as always

Plus, they say they offer a military discount, which is extended to police.

I just came across a cool hot rod and drag racing history facebook - Big Idol

Newsflash... Dave Mirra (suicide in February) had CTE, the brain damage caused by multiple blows to the head

Back in February the shocking news of the 41 yr old mutiple record holder committing suicide was astonishing..

In a 2006 crash, he told The Washington Post, “I basically fell 16 feet straight to my head.” He was also hit by a car at age 19, suffering a fractured skull, and he was into boxing.

But having watched the movie Concussion, about the multiple concussions resulting in brain damage, with the typical eventual results, memory loss, erratic behavior, impeded speech, depression and regularly leads to dementia and suicidal thoughts, it now all figures logically that symptoms + suicide = CTE has gathered the list of the NFL players that all ended the same way, after a pro career of brain damage that resulted from years of concussions, most if not all, suicided from the mental distress caused by the brain tissue damage. The story of Dave Duerson is so stunningly ironic, it was covered by Mens Journal in 2012... Duerson was picked to be on the NFL pension board, and shut down NFL players claims for medical and financial recompense, and he didn't realize, he too, was one of the afflicted former NFL players that would suicide... though, at the last, he knew it was the CTE damage, and instead of destroying his brain with a gunshot, he shot himself in the chest, a move Seau repeated. Just to get the evidence against he NFL claims that playing football wasn't the cause.

while learning more about 1970s kids bikes, I came across the 1971 Sears Slingshot. It is so 70's kooky/groovy, it deserves it's own post

Damn... this is some serious drag racing influenced - top fuel slingshot dragster looking bike. I bet this was rarely ever ridden, if at all... and has been sitting in collections or museums for the past 45 years

1976 Mustang II market research vehicle designed to sell management on the idea of marketing a "Western" Mustang II

Some of the design features of this "Western" Mustang II include: unique half roof similar to Ghia with tooled "leather" wrap and special western medallion; unique interior with tooled "leather" seats, door panels and dash; special steering wheel insert featuring the Mustang II symbol; unique shift knob and emergency brake handle; and special wheel inserts.

Dodger Stadium road races? They were in the parking lot, and a lot of Vettes, Cobras, and Porsche participated

there is a very large gallery of photos in the Henry Ford Flikr page, drawn from the Dave Friedman collection held at the Benson Ford Research Center.

1st time I've seen the Dan Gurney AAR Cuda semi trailer