Monday, August 03, 2015

Jeeps all over the world, WW2

above, Italy

Above, Panama

above, Burma

Above, south Pacific island

Above, France

Above, Germany

Above, New Guinea

Jeep being unloaded from a DUKW amphibious vehicle into a GMC Army truck

the strange and towering traffic control signals of the 1910-20's

police vehicles, 1880 - 1920s

How about that windshield?

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1896 Belle Isle police patrol wagons

below the gent in the white hat, the words police dept are lettered on the frame

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Four Wheel Drive (both the manufacturer and the # of powered tires) used by the Army as ordnance delivery, WW1

1927 Packard ambulance in the Philippines

Jeep publicity photos

1972 AMC Jeep Commando SC-2 publicity photo

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I don't remember seeing or hearing of a Jeep Commando SC-2 before, it could be sleep deprivation, who knows?

the troop in the Buffalo Bill traveling wild west show, 1908

the truth of the TSA. Useless, and the problem, not the solution