Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Piaggio Ape on the cover of your sketchbook? You just got my attention! This is the book of Genarro Morra

he also does a lot of sketch work, with a great variety, and not only that, some cool fine art too

and check out the cars!

His website is http://gennaromorra.blogspot.com/  and on the right hand side of his blog, are links to a hell of a lot of other artists work!

Gustavo Duarte is a very talented artist, he just completed a Guardians of the Galaxy comic book for Marvel, and was at the CTN expo this past weekend

here is the cover of Sketchbook 13. 

Sketch art of Vince Aparo, an artist working at Disney Interactive, found at the CTN Expo this past weekend

talented in many different ways, he's good at drawing people, animal, and vehicles!

His website is http://vinceaparo.tumblr.com/ and his art book can be seen or purchased at http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/810345

Skip the first 26 seconds, nothing happens, then it gets pretty good.

I'm guessing this is part of a movie or tv show, as the person filming this knew to be in the right place ahead of time to catch this

enough serious business, lets enjoy some humor

the Audi parked like an entitled jerk, the Nissan tightened it up on the drivers side

clever use of portable interlocking mats!

Found on http://stunningpicture.tumblr.com/

a good review and info on the Jaguar 1950s beautiful cars, the type C and D, and the 60's type E

Dax Sheppard astonishing info

you might remember that fun movie "Hit and Run" http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2012/08/this-looks-good-and-funny-and-wow-that.html

Well, when researching "No wife no kids racing", yes, really... Google gave me a response with Dax's Wikipedia page... so I read a bit, and was astounded...

He has a degree in anthropology, from UCLA, magna cum laude, and had worked out a deal with his mom, that if he went to college, while attending college/university, she would pay his rent.

 His mom? Went from being a janitor on the midnight shift at GM to owning her own business. After moving up from janitor, she worked in fleet management at the proving grounds where all the cars in Milford are designed, then hosted hospitality days for all the GM family members, eventually moving into public relations at an ad agency.

 She went back to GM, and ending up owning four shops that managed publicity events for magazine journalists. From the age of 14 to 28, Dax worked for his mother on the road, going from racetrack to racetrack.

 For about 2 years, Shepard had a stepfather who was an engineer on the Corvette.

Shepard is working on a big-screen version of CHiPs, which he'll write, direct, and star as Officer Jon Baker alongside Michael Peña as Frank “Ponch” Poncherello... that make s me really thrilled, as Michael Peña is one of my favorite actors (did you see Fury? End of Shift?)


Spec Miata national SCCA championship race at Laguna Seca, is a mess... all the top 6 winners, didn't pass tech after the race, they all used an illegal head

Spec Miata National Championship
Provisional results for Friday’s SCCA Spec Miata National Championship at the 51st SCCA National Championship Runoffs at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, with finish position, starting position in parenthesis, driver, hometown, car and laps complete.
1, (1), Mark Drennan, San Jose, CA, Mazda Miata, 20.
2, (3), Andrew Carbonell, Miami, FL, Mazda Miata, 20.
3, (4), Brian Ghidinelli, San Rafael, CA, Mazda Miata, 20.
4, (2), Kyle Kaiser, Santa Clara, CA, Mazda Miata, 20.
5, (10), Tyler Kicera, Manheim, PA, Mazda Miata, 20.
6, (8), Craig T Berry, Tyler, TX, Mazda Miata, 20.
Giving the win to 7th place! 
7, (12), Erik Stearns, Van Buren, OH, Mazda Miata, 20.
- See more at: http://autoweek.com/article/sports-cars/complete-51st-annual-scca-runoffs-results-mazda-raceway-laguna-seca#sthash.rcVYqT6Y.dpuf

But the funny thing, is that #1, Mark Drennan, said "I'd like to thank my sponsor, No Wife No Kids Racing, because with them, none of this would have been possible"

MONTEREY, Calif. (October 12, 2014) Erik Stearns, of Van Buren, Ohio, was named 2014 SCCA Spec Miata National Champion Sunday after the first six cars from Friday’s race at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca were penalized following post-race inspection for unapproved modifications.

Seventh place is the lowest position a driver has ever crossed the finish line and been crowned champion in the 51 National Championship Runoffs events.


Any larger bored hole definitely removes material from the short side radius, as it is impossible not to do so. This is extremely important to state as this point alone makes EVERY cylinder head ever built for competition SM non-compliant.


Jim Drago, 2 time natl champ, engine builder:

It is clear that this protest was specifically written against a rule which is unclear and can be interpreted in more than one manner. Based on the data from 9 cars inspected at the 2014 Runoffs, 89% of the competitors and/or engine builders constructed engines with the same interpretation of the rule which the Technical Inspected deemed non-compliant.

Even with heads on an inspection stand, and valves removed, it took 7 inspectors over 5 hours to make the subjective determination that the cuts and deburring operation did not conform to Rule “4” based solely on visual inspection. Conflicting Rule “3” was not taken into account as it was not specifically cited in the protest.

those involved feel it is very important to consider the fallout and possible damage this decision will do to the largest and most successful class in the SCCA. Many competitors are now staying away at regionals for fear of protests for compression (last month’s scandal) The class does not need another reason to stay home.

 If the decision of the first court stands, Over 90% of the engines being used in competition, built by at least four different builders will all now be non-compliant. At least 750 engines countrywide are affected (a conservative estimate) as all of the builders involved have personally seen engines built by the two other remaining engine builders not present in this protest, and confirm that their cylinder heads are built with the same interpretation.

That pushes the number to well over 95% of all SM engines in existence. It is very apparent that these rules are being interpreted differently by many who read them. Many respected competitors and builders are involved in this appeal. None would willfully violate the rules or want to run their equipment in a non compliant manner. All value our reputations above all else.


Monday, November 24, 2014

This is the barn from Walt Disney's backyard, it is now located in the Griffith Park

It was the control center and shop for Carolwood Pacific, the scale railroad Walt Disney once had in his backyard. Walt, a member of LALS (Los Angeles Live Steamers http://www.lals.org/), had his workshop and ran the switches for his home railroad.

Walt Disney always loved trains, and through his own initiative and personal financial resources, he was responsible for preserving real steam railroading for generations to enjoy at Disney theme parks around the world.

 Walt Disney helped to build, and enjoyed sharing, one of the most intricately detailed miniature live-steam home railroads ever created: the one-eighth scale Carolwood Pacific Railroad, in his backyard.

In 1950, Walt built the Carolwood Pacific Railroad in the backyard of his house in Holmby Hills, California. He named the railroad for the street where he lived: Carolwood Drive.

The Barn is open on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 11 am to 3 pm. Parking is free, and admission is free. Donations to the Los Angeles Live Steamers Museum are accepted.
 Walt Disney Barn Contact Information 818-934-0173 or barn@carolwood.org

For a bloggers post on it with photos and an article: http://www.experiencingla.com/2013/01/la-live-steamers-griffith-park.html which is the source of the above two images

In 1948 the United States Marine Corps adopts Toys for Tots, and expands it into a nationwide community action project as the U. S. Marine Corps Reserves Toys for Tots Program.

found on http://galleryhip.com/toys-for-tots-train-logo.html

Walt Disney designs the now famous Toys for Tots train logo and creates the first national Toys for Tots poster. These Christmas posters have become a recognized part of the annual program, and through the years have featured such notable characters as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Dennis the Menace, Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner.

the Los Angeles Live Steamer Museum has many scaled down trains, and 3 retired cabooses, and 2 sleeper cars made by Pullman. It is in Griffith Park, 5202 Zoo Drive, Los Angeles, California 90027

the "booth bait" at the CTN expo was great this year

As to getting people to swing into the booth, you can't go wrong with cookies! Especially those made by Keebler elves

or have a drawing for a movie poster signed by the cast!

having a candy tie in to your company name? Pretty damn smart.. you can always give away candy with the company name on it, without messing about with inventing a candy!

and business cards, wow... Julia made these, that are wax sealed, and have her resume inside!

Below, Zach had a couple dozen handmade business cards, you could chose which one you liked the most

But my best booth award has to go to the "Camp" book booth, for working up a camp tin cup merchandise to go with the book, and the backdrop is great, but the wood?

the wood and backpacker really get the point across!

and the Iron Giant, was the most consistant icon there, I saw about a half dozen different iterations... and EVERYONE adores the Iron Giant, and hopes for a sequel or prequel... pretty damn good for an independent movie!