Tuesday, September 27, 2016

back when Vegas was cool, a casino made a racetrack, just to draw in customers and high rollers, just like they use golf courses now. Not a bad idea. The Stardust International

you can read about it, http://www.dragzine.com/news/flashback-friday-las-vegas-stardust-international-raceway/ but in a nutshell, the Stardust made a dragstrip and race track, in Oct 1965, but as soon as new owners took over the Stardust the track was out of the picture, and the land was sold to developers in 1970

The facility featured a flat, 3-mile, 13-turn road course and a quarter-mile drag strip.

The track was located in what is now Spring Valley Township in an area from Tropicana Avenue to Flamingo Road and bordered by Rainbow Blvd and Piedmont Blvd.

Stardust International Raceway, a 3-mile road course that from 1966-68 was the scene of a veritable Who's Who from the world of motor sports.

Gurney. Andretti. Jones. Both Unsers, Al and Bobby.

A.J. Foyt, Bruce McLaren, Denis Hulme, Mark Donohue, Chris Amon, Peter Revson, Gordon Johncock and Johnny Rutherford.

George Follmer, Jim Hall, Sam Posey, Lloyd Ruby, Joe Leonard, Gary Bettenhausen, Roger McCluskey, Art Pollard and Swede Savage.

No one knew it at the time, but they could have opened an auto racing hall of fame in the paddock.


the size of the Spirit of America back tires

Ollie the Dragon at the 1965 Times Gran Prix Riverside

Von Dutch Hang Over

Dirk showing some love for the Super Bee

The Von Dutch and Roy Rodgers connection you've never heard of, a Jaguar kids electric car

these Jaguar pedal cars were sold at the dealership Roy Rodgers half owned... and Von Dutch striped this one in 1958

And did the badge

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only one truck has a war named after it: the Hilux. The Toyota War of 1987, between Chad and Libya

The Toyota War of 1987, between Chad and Libya, took its name from the lightweight Hilux trucks that proved decisive in fighting. Regiments of Hiluxes armed with bed-mounted 106-mm recoilless rifles sprinted through deserts and minefields.

According to a French officer’s contemporary account, the tribesmen aboard the Hiluxes had long been the best light cavalrymen in the world—just that now “they are mounted on Toyotas instead of horses.”

The vehicular equivalent of an AK-47 in terms of widespread adoption, the Hilux joins the Land Cruiser and Corolla in Toyota’s “Triumvirate of Total Trustworthiness.” It takes a special vehicle for a manufacturer to brag that it’s “unbreakable”—yes, Toyota really does, and decades of loyal drivers are likely to agree.

In such esteem is the Hilux held, in fact, that the ever-present fraudsters have gotten in on the act: Places like Afghanistan have actually at times been flooded with imitation Hiluxes cobbled together from inferior vehicles—much to the disappointment of local fighters.


even Top Gear tried to kill one, and couldn't

Roy Rogers, after the end of his cowboy movie career, in the 50s he was spokesman for Chrysler Dodge, and went to Bonneville for speed week, and in the 60s, switched to Nissan

In 1954, the Dodge division had a new 241 CID Red ram hemi V8 and popular celebrity spokesman  cowboy Roy Rogers. Here’s Roy with the bright yellow Royal convertible pace car for ’54, decked out with Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels and a continental spare tire.

During speed week Roy ran his own Chrysler Town And Country station wagon with dual carbs to 107 mph.

Roy liked the Patrol, so Nissan offered him one (plus two pickups and a station wagon) in return for endorsing it. They still make a Nissan Patrol, some 40-50 years later

Late 50's early 60's photo of Roy Rogers piloting a Powercat Boat. The boat was powered by twin 70HP Mercury Outboards.

Yellow Jacket Boats were wooden boats made in Dennison, Texas from 1949-1959. At one time Roy Rogers was part owner and spokesman for the company.

Boat photographed at the Roy Rogers~Dale Evans Museum in Branson, MO. https://www.flickr.com/photos/9385421@N08/3062838644/  it closed in 2009, as it was losing money due to not enough people remembering Roy and Dale, and wanting to stop by the museum.

And Roy was part owner of a sports car dealership

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MG Rover's famous Longbridge plant in Birmingham, West Midlands has been discovered untouched since more than 5,000 workers were made redundant.

Millionaires John Towers, Nick Stephenson, John Edwards and Peter Beale have all been disqualified from being company directors in the future, in Britain, following a lengthy investigation by The Insolvency Service.

But their spokesman admitted none of the men - who pocketed £36million between them during their disastrous spell in charge of the car firm - were planning to run a UK company in the near future anyway.

The quartet formed Phoenix Venture Holdings and bought MG Rover for £10 from BMW in 2000.

But it then nose-dived into bankruptcy in 2005, owing creditors £1.3billion, while 6 thousand lost their jobs and pension pots.

* Nick Stephenson, 62, fled to Florida where he's landed another lucrative job in the car industry because he has been banned from being a director in the UK for five years.

During his time at MG Rover, married Stephenson had an affair with a Chinese consultant called Dr Qu Li, who was paid £1.69million for 15 months of consultancy services to MG Rover Group, and now Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation owns the assets of the MG Rover Group, but she was simply named an interpreter.

* Stephenson made £8.9million from MG Rover and Phoenix Holdings
* Beale picked up £8.981million during his time at MG Rover and Phoenix.
* Towers took home £8.9million in pay, pensions and bonuses
* Edwards made £9million between 2000-5.

And that is why some government oversight is not a bad thing, as it's obvious that these 4 bastards raped a company for about £40 million before killing it, then selling it off to a company that arranged a prositute to get paid £1.69 million to have an affair with one of the 4, and snag the assets of MG Rover.

Frozen in time, personal items and old newspapers lay abandoned in offices.

Car bodies sit on the production lines.
Car door handles sit in boxes.

MG Rover collapsed in 2005, leaving more than 5,000 workers redundant.

Just recently, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation - who bought out MG Rover - confirmed it was now stopping assembly and moving everything to China.


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911GT3 Porsche, was a lot faster than strong, and the cars ability to stay in one piece when a large tree stood it's ground was found to be lacking

the 25 and 15 year old riders will not see 26 and 16


Jason Statham was trying to out ride Steve's Daughter

helical wheels... made of three-dimensional sine waves, increases traction, decreases rolling resistance... well, that is the pseudoscience claims of the manufacturer

Unlike traditional wheels, this design creates a thinner contact patch with the pavement, providing less rolling resistance and faster ride.

“The alternating pattern equates to increased control — the width is increased, but the friction is decreased,” explains the startup’s Kickstarter page. “The sine wave design provides three lips per wheel for superior lateral grip. A traditional wheel only has one.”

Created by Zack Fleishman, Shark Wheels — named because they resemble a shark’s jaw — also help skaters avoid debris, a common nuisance for beachfront skaters of Southern California.


So, if you'd rather bypass the hype, and get to the science that proves most of the claims are just hype to get more free publicity, then read http://physicsbuzz.physicscentral.com/2013/06/reinventing-wheel.html and it doesn't take long to see that if any skateboard tire were just groved, all the same claims would apply. This company happened to make a different looking wheel, and that is about all they actually accomplished

the Metronome, a Bond Bug with a nitro hemi, and Isetta front end

My favorite photos from the Red Bull Illume photo contest