Friday, January 19, 2018

that's not a torque plate, that's just a big gasket! HA! The Kaase winning 1958 MEL, a ludicrously innovative 769hp 473cu in pfm crafted engine, that Smokey himself would likely marvel at, for cheating around the rules as written

A quick glance at the engine reveals thick adapter plates on the intake and exhaust that allow the engine to use speed parts made for the much better breathing Ford 385 engine family, but all of the airflow afforded by the intake and headers have to squeeze through the head ports, so what gives? Look a little more closely and you may notice what looks like a deck plate. Class rules forbid those as well, and it turns out they aren’t deck plates at all, they’re head gaskets!

Removing the cylinder head reveals the true magic, as the combustion chambers appear to be sunken below what was formerly the deck surface. Indeed they would be if it weren’t for the head gaskets. Jon referred to these as “valve seats” and true to the rules they aren’t welded or epoxied in place.

rock bouncers

Max Grundy has a new series of stickers out, of some of his more famous cars and COEs

Chuck made a Pinewood Derby Car from Surf Seeker!

If you're new, and don't recognize Surf Seeker, it's a one of one creation by Ron Berry

Full gallery at

It's ok to be a cat guy (I'm one) ... but you better find a cat that is cool with your motorbike, or car, or whatever

North Carolina's plow training program... didn't have snowy roads to train their driver on

but they do have a good sense of humor:

“Snow, snow, go away
Don’t come again another day
If you appear, you’ll be sorry
You’ll face the wrath of Sir Salter Raleigh”

Todays WTF

Diagnosis for her brakes were new pads and discs. She was too cheap and knew her brother had a welder and metal plates so had him ‘fix’ her pads


Snowy roads... it's like catnip to Swift drivers.

it says, "come out and play!"

in his hurry to find weight for better traction, he had created two enormous potholes. what a jerk

clearly, this cat is tired, and the seat is already claimed. First come, first served. Go get your own

how in the world do they train a cat to ride on the back of a scooter?

Scooters, now with new and improved realistic sound effects from your friendly neighborhood trombone player!

trucking rule number one, your load better be secured stronger than your brakes can stop your rig

Thursday, January 18, 2018

oldest tool chest I've come across yet, and with a cool history

A great grandfather's cellar was getting cleaned out, but none of the family wanted this tool chest. So they put it out in a yard sale. $70.

Apparently this great grandfather worked for a Peerless auto dealership in Kansas City,  the name is painted on the box along with a radiator badge from a Peerless.

The badge is worth about $125 as is but it will stay with the box. It still has the original keys for the lock!

The name of the box manufacturer is on the inside (the box is paper lined from the factory) and the tray dividers are made from an old yardstick.

The inscription on the inside of the box lid:" May 30 1918 Homeward bound"

A WWI veteran coming back from the war!

Not the most interesting tool box, but, I dig the really old ones with the decals from way back when

mighty old tool chest, but what's more impressive are the dust outlines of the tools, how long do you think they sat there?

Been in the basement of someone with no tools, and no need for a tool box. How do I know, they actually state that it's never had a tool in it

it has been in my basement for at least 30 years. It has never had a tool in it.

a Stahlwille Rollmaster

Good News! Mayans MC tv show has been green lit by FX!

John Landgraf, the CEO of FX Networks and FX Productions, announced on Friday Jan 5th that the Sons of Anarchy follow up series The Mayans MC has been greenlit to continue

This announcement also comes with the order of 10 episodes for first season of the Mayans MC. While the official premiere date has not been released, according to Landgraf, “Mayans Mc” is predicted to air in the summer or early fall of 2018.

fantastic, a tour of the Ford of Europe Museum in Cologne

coolest thing I've seen all day

Thanks to Paul for sending me this, and for Kevin McFadden for taking the photo and sharing it!

How about a famous tool box for a change, Von Dutch's

Salute of the Day! An 81yr old Kentucky grandfather was reduced to tears on his birthday when his grandson presented him with his secretly restored 1957 Bel Air that had been collecting dust in a garage. (Thanks Gary!)

A full frame off restification of the garaged Chev, that hadn't moved since 1976, included AC, upgraded steering, suspension, stereo, engine, exhaust, etc.

the above video is good, the bottom one is better

Trucking, the 2nd highest fatality career

According to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, 786 truck drivers were killed on the job in 2016.

 That’s 78 percent of the 1,012 motor vehicle operator fatalities reported for the year.

Across all occupations in the U.S., there were 5,190 fatalities reported, an increase from 4,846 in 2015.

Construction had 970 fatalities

the Beetles

Action in 5 trucking-related crimes has recently been reported by the DOT’s Office of Inspector General

An Ohio-based trucking company was ordered to pay a criminal fine of $525,000, forfeit $215,000 and serve three years of probation after conspiring with at least five other carriers to reincarnate operations to avoid out-of-service orders issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Enson Trading LLC, doing business as Eternal Food Service (EFS) allegedly received $12,000 in cash from a customer without filing with the IRS, and conspired to get new carrier registrations and reincarnate.

A Texas fleet owner pled guilty for paying Texas Department of Public Safety officers for clean inspections.

Orlinte Cruz, owner of 30-truck fleet Cruz and Sons Transportation paid a DPS trooper $4,000 in exchange for 39 favorable Level I safety inspections between 2014 and 2015.

A Washington state-based drug tester pled guilty to making fabricated clean results to meet DOT drug testing requirements for companies that contract hired her to administer DOT drug testing programs and get clean results.

Christine Clark, owner of Premium Drug Screening in Shelton, Wash., was supposed to collet urine specimens from employees and send them to certified labs for testing, according to OIG. Instead, she  fabricated hundreds of DOT drug test reports to make it look like the urine specimens had been tested.

Donald Freeman, a California DMV employee, and Juan Arroyo Gomez pleaded guilty Dec. 14 to charges related to their roles in a CDL testing scheme.

According to OIG, between 2016 and 2017, they were paid to alter DMV database records to fraudulently indicate applicants had passed written CDL exams when they had not.

A former Mississippi CDL trainer recently pleaded guilty to providing fraudulent paperwork to CDL applicants in exchange for $200-$400 for each set of fraudulent paperwork.

Derrious Emadrick Dillon, of McComb, Miss., was fired from a company that provided CDL training and certification, but continued providing paperwork to CDL applicants after his termination. According to a report from the District Attorney’s office, Dillon obtained a list of authorized CDL instructors and ID numbers in Mississippi. He used these names and ID numbers to create false paperwork stating CDL applicants had passed the written test, when they had never taken the tests.

Matt Harris of 40 Cal Customs racing his 1923 Harley-Davidson

Roy Orbison

On December 6, 1988 he spent the day flying model airplanes with his sons and ate dinner at his mother’s home in Hendersonville. Later that day, he died of a heart attack, at the age of 52.

I thought he was blind, due to the black glasses, and just learned that he wasn't. Huh.

Up for sale, one cool old 1951 Shell service station in Indiana for 55k, with a Rotary center post lift

RJ Taylor, trucker and teacher of road safety to schoolchildren and the motoring public

RJ Taylor passed away this last December, but lifetime of work in the trucking industry will live on for years to come.

After acquiring a old 1951 Kenworth in the mid-1960’s he began a long career in specialized heavy haul work that spanned the next 5 decades. The big blue truck became a fixture on the trade show circuit and eventually he founded Ol Blue, USA (United Safety Alliance) in 1986 to bring the message of safe driving to truckers but at the same time educate the public about safe driving around big rigs.

Ol’Blue was a fixture at the Mid-America Trucking Show and others prior to the beginning of the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, then in Dallas as well. “He did it all and did it free of charge,” says Paul Taylor, supported by trucking industry businesses who donated to his nonprofit to afford the fuel and other on-highway expenses.

Along with his presence at major truck shows and events he visited hundreds, maybe thousands of schools over his 30 years of hard work promoting United Safety Alliance.

The national economic downturn of that started about 10 years ago put a severe crimp in RJ’s funding raising efforts as advertisers cut their budgets. And RJ’ turned down any advertisers that he felt did not have products that coincided with truck or public highway safety in any way.

A crabby old man has a meltdown at the airport, what's amusing is that the grouch is Buzz Aldrin, and he got so pissed, he got up out of his wheelchair

“Are you operating an airline here or not?” Aldrin asked on the video. “We’ve been sitting here now 20 minutes waiting for somebody to come and fix a two-minute problem…. This is the most lousy operation I’ve ever seen.”

At 9:20AM he’s still at the check-in counter for his 9:25AM flight, so it's not out of bounds to suppose the fault is his own for not abiding by the rules the apply to us mere blue collar working joes, who don't get to throw our weight around as one of a dozen people that have ever walked on the moon.

Huh, sure sucks to have to put up with airport bullshit, after being a military pilot and NASA god, huh? He says to someone trying to get a sound bite, that his son works for, or worked for, Delta, and I imagine he's used to being one of the privileged few that was given head of the line since he was a test pilot.

Welcome to the rat race Buzz. TSA probably doesn't give a shit about YOUR opinions either.

Buzz goes on to ask for the names of the Delta representatives, and says “I’m going to see the president, I’m not kidding you.”

You probably didn't know,

His mother's maiden name is Moon

 Buzz earned a full scholarship to MIT, but first he went to West Point, graduated 3rd in his class, then did his grad work at MIT, getting a doctorate in astronautics

In the Korean war he shot down 2 MIGs and had 66 combat fighter jet missions.

The docking and rendezvous techniques he devised for spacecraft in Earth and lunar orbit are still used today.

He pioneered underwater training techniques to simulate spacewalking, performed the world’s first successful spacewalk, and also took the first ‘selfie’ in space.

He was the  the 1st astronaut with a doctorate, and 1st non test pilot admitted to the astronaut program, ending the prerequisite that only test pilots could become astronauts

Ironically, he then became the commandant of the Air Force Test Pilot School before retiring from the military after 21 years. A career ended by post astronaut god status alcoholism and depression, no doubt brought on by the Carter era malaise, and the shuttering of the only govt program that paid for space exploration. An obsolete expert whose glory days altered the course of the human race to getting to another solar object, only to find nothing there that would excite the taxpayers to continue to fund a pointless ego trip for JFK's patriotic one upsmanship with the Russians

A lowrider motion simulator designed by Magú as part of a traveling exhibit

This would-be badass still has some serious hops. Slightly smaller (but a whole lot meaner) than the similarly shaped PT Cruiser, this "classic bomb"—the centerpiece of the museum's "Chicano Now: American Expressions" exhibition—shakes and shimmies, lifts and drops, all courtesy of hydraulic cylinders situated under each corner of the carriage.

Built by Los Angeles artist Gilbert "Magu" Lujan, the lowrider simulator might not let you machine-gun faceless baddies like those hi-tech flight gizmos over at Air & Space, but this mechanized staple of Mexican-American urban street life is certainly cooler. The three-minute virtual trip takes you through an East L.A. "cruising zone," complete with 'do-ragged toughs head-bobbing through las avenidas in their own souped-up wheels. The climax is the "lowride-off," where your street rivals put on a spine-rattling display of lifting, dropping, and tilting. You and your ride match every thump and bump.

 the traveling exhibit called Chicano Now, was on a five-year, fifteen-city museum tour;
Anaheim California – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – San Francisco, California – St. Louis, Missouri – Minneapolis, Minnesota – San Diego, California – Indianapolis, Indiana –  El Paso, Texas – Washington, D.C. – Smithsonian Institution –  San Antonio, Texas

 "Chicano"was a multimedia exhibit consisting of"Chicano Now: American Expressions" and "Chicano Visions: American Painters on the Verge."

Impelled and created by the entertainer Cheech Marin's private collection of Chicano art, presented by Target Stores, and sponsored by Hewlett-Packard Company and DaimlerChrysler, organized and produced by Clear Channel Entertainment,  and applauded by the Smithsonian

After more than half a century of burning rubber, Englishtown / Raceway Park is ending the dragstrip, the longtime site of the NHRA Summernats, it reached the end of the business for profit ideal

The Napp family, which opened the raceway in 1965 and continues to operate it privately, decided to end drag racing, and convert the grandstand and about half the strip into an outdoor concert venue

Other forms of racing and motorsports will go on, including motocross, as well as cart racing and drifting.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Our Family Car, just one of many cars Gilbert “Magu” Luján used to serve his family's transportation needs

Lujan purchased the Chevy from a cousin in the early 1980’s while he was creating the movie-themed artwork in the Hollywood and Vine Metro station.

Using pinstriping brushes and lacquer-based textile crayons, Luján transformed his family’s 1950 Chevrolet sedan into a lowrider with what he called “a lighthearted kind of folk art narrative.” Unlike other lowriders, Luján humorously blends the aesthetic elements of street rods with symbols of Chicana/o culture.

Later, when times were tough, Lujan used the car to cover rent and traded it to his landlord, who stored it in the auto-salvage yard he owned.

Another artist bought it, but he then needed money, and a pawn shop ended up putting the car for sale on eBay.

Dunlap was shopping for a hot rod on the website when he saw the ad for the 1950 coupe, went to the shop, paid $7,000 for the Chevy and drove it home.

Dunlap sought out Lujan and commissioned the artist to restore the car to its original glory. They became close friends.

one of many of Lujan’s family cars looks essentially as it did in 1987 when Lujan used it as a canvas. This makes me wonder what his other cars looked like

and damn it, a retrospective of his art was just in Irvine, and closed it's run a couple weeks ago

Gilbert Luján was born in Stockton, CA and after 3 years in the Air Force, attended East LA City College, Cal State Long Beach, and the University of California, Irvine where he received a Bachelor of Arts in ceramics and a Master of Fine Arts in sculpture.

A visionary, a dedicated artist, and an intellectual who helped define and promote Chicano art in the 1960s and 70s, in the wake of the Civil Rights Movement. He was born in 1940, the son of Mexican and indigenous parents, and grew up mostly in Los Angeles where he immersed himself in contemporary music and art, occasionally ditching high school to attend art exhibitions.

Between 1976 and 1980, Magú taught at the La Raza Studies Department at Fresno City College, where he also served as department chairman. Later he taught art at Cal Poly Pomona, while maintaining his personal studio, Magulandia, in downtown Pomona.