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the motorcycle from the new Ghostbusters movie

Hot Wheels built an X-Wing Carship


the Walking Dead Winnebago is at Comic Con

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Beaumont, the Canadian Chevy that is just a little bit Pontiac

Fifteen states, 3,000 miles, one bike path from Florida to Maine. 30% complete, and slowly growing. Might be done in 15 more years. The biking equivalent of the hiker's Appalachian Trail

the Greenway Bike Trail, is being built by the non-profit organization East Coast Greenway Alliance (ECGA) is already 850 miles long, or about 30 percent complete, with another 200 miles expected to be completed in the next four years.

The project has been underway for 25 years so far, and that equals only 34 miles per year.
They are building different segments of a trail that relies almost entirely on local volunteers to ensure the path is up to code, and linking together sections of other trails.

The trail is intended to be completely off-road once it is finished, though currently it uses interim on-road sections.

The trail connects several existing bike paths such as the trail following the length of the Hudson River in New York, and a 25-mile-long path along the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia.

As it winds down the coast, the East Coast Greenway passes through 450 communities in 15 states,  mostly following the rivers and old train tracks connecting the cities and towns along the coast.

Each of the Greenway-designated sections conforms to standard trail requirements: The material of the path must be strong enough to support a touring bike, and the lanes have to be wide enough so people can safely pass, about 10 feet wide.

Fordson with a Hadfield-Penfield Rigid Rail traction system

the Belt Rail tractor, a lot like a snowmobile track pushing it along

Gray Drum Drive 1918 tractor

The large drum on this tractor was used for traction to by pass Caterpillar patents. The wide drum on this tractor also prevented the soil from compacting.The entire engine in this tractor slid forward or backward to speed up or reverse the tractor’s direction.

The Gray Tractor Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota was one of dozens of companies trying to make it big in the tractor business in the teens and 1920s. What set the Gray apart from its competitors was the large drum which took the place of rear wheels. According to company advertising, the drum offered ten advantages: “Simplicity of construction; does away with all bevel gears and differential; distributes weight over a larger surface; avoids packing of the soil and injury to seed bed; ideal for soft and wet land; gives double traction surface; supplies more power to the drawbar; produces a never-slip grip; affords easy steering and turning; and rolls everything flat before plows.”2

One Gray owner agreed with at least some of these claims. Roy Mitchell and two partners bought an 18-36 HP Gray tractor in Winnipeg during the summer of 1918 and drove it out to the farm two miles south of Headingly, Manitoba. Mitchell said he hauled four-wheel tractors out with his Gray “when they got down so bad in the mud in the gumbo soil in the Red River Valley.”3 He went on to say that the Gray was good for travelling through snow. Mitchell took his Gray tractor with him when he moved to Star City, Saskatchewan in 1927.

There were two practical problems with the Gray drum drive tractor. One was that, given the wide bearing surface of the drum and consequent low soil pressure, the tractor bumped over every stone it encountered, and in many applications, it would hit just about every stone in the field.

 The second problem was that the operator was at the very back of the machine, making it hard for him to see. This was partially alleviated by swinging the seat out from the side of the tractor so the operator sat sideways to the steering wheel and looked over his shoulder to see where he was going.

1906 3 wheel Best steam tractor with huge drum wheels

Looks like Richfield Oil had a party bus

Bob McDorman wasn't satisfied with the standard signs from Chevy, he had some much cooler - eye catching ones made

the car entering the shop is the steam powered racer in the 1905 Vanderbilt Cup

Bulls Head Hotel was the headquarters for racing teams for both the 1905 and 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Races. In 2005, Fred Blumlein, great-grandson of Aloyous Huwer, wrote:

Greenvale’s Bulls Head Hotel, located smack-dab on the corner of that tough turn, played an important role in the 1905 race.

Aloyous Huwer, proprietor of the hotel (and the writer’s great-grandfather), rented his “Auto and Wagon Shed,” to race driver and car owner, Walter White.

White and his mechanics bunked in the Hotel and used Huwer’s Shed to ready his steam-driven racer for the event. White’s machine was the only steam racer ever to be driven in the Vanderbilt Cup Races.

He received an “A” for trying, but had to abandon his car in the fifth lap because of engine and tire troubles. During the 1906 race, the Bulls Head Hotel and Shed became the base camp for the Pope-Toledo car group. They were the last race team to use the site during the races.

Starting Sept 5th, Harley and the Davidsons starts a 3 night run on the Discovery Channel

Open a Guiness and toast the Irish! These great wonderful goofballs took a dent out of a roof by pounding on it brilliantly!

NYPD seems to be getting a pass from major media... but 2 dui cops in a month? And another NYPD cop w/o justification shooting a unarmed non suspect due to road rage? and 3 NYPD plead guilty to bribery? Is there any honest cop in all of NYPD? The NYPD chief should resign in shame and disgust that his dept is full of dirty cops

Bystanders corralled a drunken off-duty nypd Officer Nicholas Batka, after his speeding SUV killed a Brooklyn pedestrian and horribly injured three of his college pals

The Durango was seen swerving in the seconds before impact. His runaway SUV tore the leg off one victim and left another impaled on a fence, witnesses said.

The inebriated second-year cop flashed his badge and slipped into his SUV’s passenger’s seat about 3 a.m. Saturday as the mangled victims writhed in agony on a bloodstained sidewalk in Williamsburg.

A cell phone video captured a man in a red shirt wagging a menacing finger at Batka, keeping the SUV door shut tight and the off-duty cop pinned inside.

The sloshed cop was trapped inside the SUV — on the driver’s side by a utility pole he crashed into and on the passenger side by the enraged onlookers.

Detective Jermaine Clark, also off-duty, was arrested for driving drunk June 27 after crashing his Honda into several parked cars near Brooklyn College just after noon.

Responding officers noticed that Clark had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and the smell of alcohol on his breath at the scene, according to officials. Clark, a nearly 13-year veteran of the force, was charged with driving while his ability was impaired and refusing to take a breath test.

New York’s finest haven’t been doing much better outside their cars. On Wednesday, audio surfaced of an NYPD captain pressuring an inferior officer to engage in racial profiling. Three NYPD commanders were arrested on federal corruption charges June 20. The following day, police in Brooklyn launched an overnight manhunt, which included use of a search helicopter, to find Rhamar Perkins.

Perkins, who is 16-years old, had run away after jumping a subway turnstile.

Now you may have a bit more understanding about why people all over the USA are angry that cops are corrupt, dirty, and no damn good. Or you can look at former LA County Sheriff Lee Baca and undersheriff Paul Tanaka, both getting 5 years federal prison terms for interfering with an FBI investigation on civil rights violations and lying to investigators during an FBI probe of civil rights violations in the jail system - just 2 of 10 cops who have been convicted of intimidating the lead FBI agent, concealing the whereabouts of an inmate, a federal informant, and pressuring deputies not to cooperate with the investigation. Those were the police dept's finest ? and most senior officers !

But that is just the smallest sliver of corruption in NYPD. Deputy Chief Michael Harrington, 50, Deputy Inspector James Grant, 43, and Sgt. David Villanueva, 42, all high-ranking members of the police force, and Officer Richard Ochetal, who previously pleaded guilty to bribery charges in the investigation. The charges are part of wider probe by federal prosecutors and the FBI focusing on police supervisors and whether they engaged in services like police escorts, fixing traffic tickets or shutting down streets for private events. Reichberg and Rechnitz have been generous supporters of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. Rechnitz was the target of a fundraising investigation until he pleaded guilty to corruption charges several weeks ago.