Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mom of the year award goes to

Constable Bob's Gremlin police car... in the TV show Justified

A moment to celebrate a Tumblr:

Your dad hauled ass into destiny and flew into fame with every moment of destruction his camera captured. Instead of jotting down thousands of words, he left a biography of badassery in images.

Apollo 14, ready to launch, stepping out of the RV

Hurst ad from the 60's I haven't seen before

garage humor, most everyone has been there once

Cool diner booths (DeSoto!)

Unusual locomotive design

A rare picture of the second Fontaine, shown here arriving at St Thomas, Ontario, Canada, in July 1881, for trails on the Canada Southern Railroad. Engineer Ike Deyell stands in the gangway, whileFireman George Westfall is leaning from the cab.
 From A Locomotive Engineer's Album
 George B Abdill 1965

The cylinders were 17 x 24 in, the wheelbase was 23 ft 4 in, and the total heating surface (firebox + tubes) was 1033.5 sq ft. Total weight was 82,000 lb.
 (Info from Scientific American Supplement, 5th November 1881

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Interesting, portable, for track or shop use

The video isn't embeddable, but you see how it pivots, and can be used to get a car or truck up in the air, and if you make one yourself, you can design the height and length to suit your needs

The video is here:

one reason more people buy a Honda instead of a Dodge

The Dodge 2.7-liter V6, for example, produces about the same horsepower as the Honda Accord EX's four-cylinder, yet it has less fuel efficiency than the Accord's 268-hp V6.