Thursday, March 05, 2015

Fuel Magazine's new issue looks to be a terrific one, they feature Eric Bana and the rebuilt Beast

I bet most of you know what I'm talking about, to catch up, was 6 years ago that actor (Star Trek, Time Travelers Wife, Chopper) Eric Bana fixed up the car he's had since he was a teen for Rally racing across Australia. It crashed very badly. Netflix it

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they publish 3 times a year,  are well worth the cost, and if you subscribe right away, you'll get this as your first issue " Subscriptions are currently open, $54 dollars Americanm $60 Australian,  and will start with issue #19. All subs will mail out onTuesday 24th March from our Melbourne and Detroit offices, after which subscriptions will then change to start with issue #20 "

or check the list of stores and shops that now carry Fuel Magazine  as they will have this new issue on March 30th

Fuel Magazine has been a favorite of mine for years

did you hear todays celebrity news? Harrison Ford crashed his 1942 Ryan ST3KR

Something was noticed to be wrong right after takeoff, and he turned it around but couldn't make it back to the airport. He's in the hospital in "stable" condition

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A success of the American dream for this guy who grew up in the Philippines, admiring cats, and now he collects and restores them

Autosaur has posted a collection of car parts repurposed

This Jeep grill light idea would be so damn cool on a garage wall

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welcome to Wisconsin

Redbull has released the list of invited athletes who are requested to drive at this year’s Red Bull Global Rallycross exhibition at X Games, June 5th and 6th

Steve Arpin                Ken Block                Brian Deegan
Liam Doran                Austin Dyne            Tanner Foust
Sverre Isachsen          Bucky Lasek            Rhys Millen
Pat Moro                    Travis Pastrana        Nelson Piquet Jr.
Patrik Sandell             Scott Speed             Joni Wiman

Photo credit: Larry Chen
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A comment about the current nonsense that pushes the robot car into R&D so lazy rich people will be chauffered around

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FWIW, if you want collision avoidance, self driving vehicles, and all that malarkey, get a taxi, or ide a bus or train

Bang finds some great stuff... here is a new hilarious Craiglist ad caused by a divorce for a '78 MGB

Recent divorce forces the sale of this 1978 MGB Roadster.

 My now ex-wife, clearly an aficionado, fan and connoisseur of classic European automobiles, valued this car at $9,600.00 in her sworn financial statement and refused to budge on this ridiculously overvalued estimate during mediation.

 Since she is the expert on British sports cars, I am following her expert advice and listing this fine, rare, concours-quality vehicle at her valued price of $9,600.00.

 This rubber bumper (feel free to contact her for a full education of the difference, value and collectibility of rubber-to-chrome bumper MGBs…) MBG boasts the following much sought after options:
96 bhp 4 cylinder 1800cc engine with single (yes, only 1) Stomberg carb
 No power steering
No power brakes
 No air conditioning
Vinyl seats
4 speed manual transmission (no overdrive)
 Convertible top (with custom rip)
Rust on trunk lid
 Floors may or may not be solid.
 Car has been in her expert care, i.e. uncovered, unprotected and full of snow.
 Car is in non-running, non-driving condition.
 Ex-wife deemed this car unsafe and unacceptable for our children to drive, but should be just fine for you and your loved ones.

 Show up with your tow truck and 96 $100 bills.
 The line forms at her front door.
 First come, first served.
 No lowball offers…not a single penny less than nine thousand six hundred dollars will be accepted for this special, unique, collectible British classic.
Cash only.
 Clear title. Seriously, you better hurry.
 This one won’t last at this fair, reasonable asking price.
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Brilliant advertising idea for the Smart Brabus

good example of a steam punk bike