Monday, April 27, 2015

interesting bug/truck creation with a military motif

I'm a sucker for ammo and gerry cans

Copper Split

this speedo looks pretty cool, I just can't remember seeing one like it before. But that might only be my bad memory

perfect licence plate

pretty damn cool engine cover

Peter Max did a painting for a Datsun advertisement

Smuggling people out of Mexico into the USA

high winds between 55 and 70 mph, blow train cars off an elevated rail in New Orleans today... no one could predict this would happen in high winds? Seriously? Have they never seen a semi truck and trailer blow over in an online video?

Nearly a dozen shipping containers and some train cars were captured on a dash cam (I gotta get me one of those!) at the moment when strong winds knocked them over on the Huey P. Long Bridge. It happened around 10:30 a.m. Monday in Elmwood behind the Raising Cane’s restaurant on South Clearview Parkway and Bloomfield Street.

the NORRA 1000 is about to get started

to no one's surprise, rioting ensued in Baltimore targeting police after the funeral of a man police killed by snapping his spine. If cops could stop murdering people, people would stop rioting. Too simple? Too soon to point out the obvious?

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Cops decided to roll out in force to get more violent and invented a propaganda piece that gave them the reason, they had a press release and alleged that they've learned of the Bloods, Crips, and other gangs joining forces to kill cops... why do I say this? Well, we've already seen that they plant evidence (tazer planted on Walter Scott), why would you now believe anything they say that clearly they invented to justify their need to participate in more violence. (And over time pay)  

Elvis on his trike