Thursday, October 27, 2016

there was always one kid on the block who had to be different

the inevitable win lose scenario

the Barn Find hunter, episode 8

Back when Mercury had muscle

Bill Stroppe's Car Hauler at his facility on Signal Hill in Long Beach, CA.

a Mercury transporter rig, that is perfect for a Mercury race car builder

how they kept the diff gears cool in Nascar

Hooniverse, those guys are crazy, and funny

Closer. VW, passion in every detail

Film student Emmett Sutherland wins the American Society of Cinematographers Student Heritage award for CLOSER, directed by Film alum Zak Marx

the flipping car carnival ride, San Diego 1935

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A very cool photo gallery of a pit at the 1962 Southern 500, everything in place, and a place for everything

He took the doors off to make it easier for him and his wife to get in and drive

Bob Hoover has left us and went on ahead. 1922-2016

One of the greatest pilots that ever lived.

Bob Hoover, a former Air Force test pilot, a World War II fighter pilot, and the only man the FAA should never have screwed with, and they learned their lesson.

In his life, Hoover met Orville Wright, Eddie Rickenbacker, Charles Lindbergh, Jimmy Doolittle, Chuck Yeager, Jacqueline Cochran, and Neil Armstrong, spanning the golden age of flight.

Coolest story I know about Bob:

kick ass concept art from a Russian artist

the 1970 BP Canadian Economy Run overall winner was a 71 Demon with a stick shift, and in the competition Sir Stirling Moss was driving a Corolla.

The results were determined by multiplying each competitor’s actual miles per gallon by the car’s weight in pounds divided by 2000.

There is an account of this event in the November 1970 issue of Canada Track & Traffic.

Four generations of the Gapp family have enjoyed this 1916 Oakland Model 50 V8

Bought by a father of 8 presumably for getting all the kids to town, it was the daily driver for 18 years. Around the mid 30's it was only used for an occasional 4th of July parade, but it was stored until 1987 without any consistent use. Then stored in a sealed crate for 25 more years.

the Dec 2016 issue of Hot Rod has a good article on the AMC's competing in the 1968, 69 SCCA Trans Am races

Strange “dealer-installed” parts were being assigned AMC part numbers as racing continued. One was a front-suspension crossmember that allowed for bolting on a Ford Mustang suspension, which featured the antidive characteristics that Javelin suspensions lacked. Also, a front spindle became available that accepted Lincoln disc brakes, which Ford was using in Trans-Am for their superior cooling properties.

In analyzing the 290ci engines, Kaplan wanted a bit more stroke, but the blocks didn’t allow for any more throw. Working with the AMC foundry, retired 290-engine designer Dave Potter came up with a plan. First, 11/16 inch was added to the decks, requiring spacers for the intake manifolds. Then the foundry devised a way to cast the bottom end of the 390ci block, which used four-bolt mains, to the top of the 290, which only had room for two-bolt mains. The two combined changes allowed the use of longer, standard Chevy connecting rods.

In 1969, to lighten the cars, they were acid dipped (against the rules) and Team Javelin tried using fiberglass quarters in an illegal attempt to lighten the car. When the SCCA guys strolled into the pits with a magnet, steel quarters were quickly fastened to the chassis.

For 1970, AMC did the smartest possible thing, they hired the winners of the previous 2 years, Penske Racing with driver Mark Donohue. Penske was so determined to win that there was no Second Place finish bonus in the contract with AMC. When the news was announced at a press conference, Penske predicted the Javelin team would win at least 7 of the 12 races—a risky thing to be offering up having not so much as touched a Javelin race car. Penske was establishing how deep his determination was to win, even bringing back Peter Revson to race the second Javelin behind Donohue.

Rafik's bike is featured front and center in an article in the Dallas magazine Paper City, on a feature about the Haas Motorcycle Gallery at Dragon (Dallas)

Bobby Haas, photographer for Natl Geographic, and recent collector of motorcycles... he bought his first in 2011, had 4 by 2013, and now has 70, is also a senior partner and adviser to a capital investment company. Those were nice, but now he opened a gallery to showcase his motorcycle collection, and RK Concepts was the choice for the front photo in the magazine article... very damn cool

The Grand Tour is going to tape an episode in Nashville! You have until the end of today to get to and register for a chance at a free pass

the 2nd US studio recording location for the brand new Amazon Prime series The Grand Tour is confirmed as Nashville!

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May will be taking their tent to Nashville on November 21st, 2016. Apply for a pair of tickets to join them on their grand tour for a once in a lifetime experience.