Thursday, May 25, 2017

Strength doesn't come from the body, it comes from the mind's will. Ghandi

this guy is crazy. Skip the first 30 seconds

this is nuts... the auction of this 1958 Messerschmitt 500 Tiger had an opening bid of $100k and finally sold for a shocking $280,000. And no, it was't owned by a celebrity or in a movie

I think it went for so much becuase RM Auctions did such a good job advertising the auction, the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum auction. 

James Jackson's '61 F85

Summer safety item, please don't shoot your mower clippings onto roads, it's a deadly hazard for motorcycles, and cars going quickly through a turn I suppose. Just take a moment and save a life by sweeping that grass mess into the ditch


How big are the Demon drag radials? Too big for the production line

According to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles spokesperson Kristin Starnes, the 315 millimeter-wide drag radial tires are too wide for the assembly line where the Demon is made alongside other Challengers, as well as the Dodge Charger

Polaris and its partners are offering up the chance to win a variety of prizes, including a Diesel Brother's Polaris RZR Turbo.

Above, Juan Dominguez and the Diesel Brothers Polaris RZR turbo

The Polars RZR Salute to Heroes campaign is an important fund-raiser for the Warfighter Made (WFM) organization.

The Warfighter Made leads several powerful programs for wounded veterans. The goal and focus is the customization of combat wounded veteran’s vehicles, so they can continue doing the things they enjoy.

"The greatest thing about Warfighter Made is helping a vet who is very closed off to the world,” says Dominguez. “To see a vet go out on a recreational therapy trip and basically come back with a smile - that’s everything to us. Our campaign is to stop all the (veteran) suicides.”

Polaris RZR has also been a huge part in helping promote and support this amazing organization and this year they went to the next level with the RZR Salute To Heroes Campaign. Polaris kicked this campaign off alongside all of their partners to help raise dollars and awareness for Warfighter Made and in the process have put together some amazing prizes to encourage and reward those who donate.

This is the last week to donate through the “RZR Salute to Heroes”­ website. Those who donate will be entered to win one of 17 prizes, including the custom military themed RZR XP Turbo EPS grand prize!  DONATE HERE with paypal
In addition to donating, for every picture of a RZR, a RZR Life story, and #RZRLife or #RZRSalutetoHeroes post on social media, RZR will donate $5— up to $25,000 — directly to Warfighter Made!

The “RZR Salute to Heroes” campaign ends at 11:59 p.m. CST, on May 29.

The Diesel Brother’s inspiration for the build came from the Polaris DAGOR and a few other DPV (desert patrol vehicles). They wanted to build something similar to what the military has used for years to quickly maneuver through off-road obstacles and insert troops. To make the vehicle as durable as possible, they coated the entire exterior in a Coyote Tan LINE-X bed liner.

The vehicle features:

Sparks Motors/Diesel Brothers (design/build) (sourcing/design)
CageWRX (cage, suspension, tire carrier and bumper)
Walker Evans Racing (shocks and wheels)
Heretic Lighting
BFGoodrich Tires
Nav-Atlas (navigation and stereo)
Assault Industries (mirrors, fire suppression and accessories)
SPARKS Racing (exhaust)
RCV Axles

Leopard 2A4 with snorkel

Completely unknown to my cousin... he is like a time warp flashback to previous generations of our family. Check out the compared photos

Above, his wonderful wife gave him this Mustang as a birthday gift

How about this, one of our uncles leaning against our common ancestors Shelby GT 350... notice the relaxed crossed ankles! Same hood too. 

the bar is raised pretty high to make a biking movie, so, for anyone to just release a 45 second preview, and expect you to be so overcome you'll pay to see it... are they crazy?

Or do they dazzle you enough to want to pay to see their 40 minute movie. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, but I ain't paying to see it based on this.

The film will debuted its world premiere in Fairclough’s home city of London, England on April 13th, then went on the movie publicity circuit, including a public screening at Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California, then Munich, Barcelona, Madeira and South Africa throughout May.

 A global release is scheduled for May 30th through iTunes and other digital platforms. Pre-order is available now through Vimeo On Demand.

I wonder...

how many "lemons" each car maker averaged in the past 2 years.

And which car company had the most, and which had the fewest... would the Japanese, German, Italian, British, or American car makers have a better 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Even Henry Ford preferred a Packard.... or why else was his last ride in one?

the Ford people scoured the country trying to find a Ford or Lincoln hearse, but couldn't find one. To their chagrin, they later learned that there had been one just a few miles (relatively speaking) away.

Thanks Steve!

9 things that are normal and natural when riding a bike, but not on the clock at the desk job

I thought I had posted this...

the biggest easter egg in the 2017 Jeep Compass is the dead pedal morse code, it has

tangled up in an electric fence

to win a contest against other Go Pro vid makers, you have to be more than the usual amount of crazy

The exact duplicate of the New York to Seattle endurance run, each and every one

they used to really get artistic to advertise

Nate Hill best of 2016 downhill mountain bike

a guy in New Mexico came up with a car guy way to raise money for his charity... he restores donated muscle cars and raffles them off to raise about $140,000 per car! This '69 Firebird was a one owner with 79k miles

he is selling 10,000 tickets, for $25 a ticket. The drawing is June 17th, and it's win the keys, take the car, and not have to pay taxes.

No, this photo doesn't show it restored and repainted... I am waiting to see if they will send me some photos of it after the work was done.

Last year, he restored a donated black 1972 Chevelle, the raffle for which raised $140,000

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Scat Pack letter to club members, and 1969 Road Race track

Scat Pack jacket I've never seen before

I'm not religious, but parking lots need a hell of a lot more Jesus.

just irritates me that people are hoarding, and letting them rust

nice car collection found at a castle, and the whole set sold at Bonhams for 2.3 million

1921 Rolls-Royce 40/50hp Silver Ghost Phaeton

1933 Rolls-Royce 40/50hp Phantom II Roadster

1971 Lamborghini Espada Series II Coupé

1980 Aston Martin V8 Volante Convertible

1969 Maserati Ghibli SS 4.9-Litre Coupé Coachwork by Carrozzeria Ghia

1958 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster

1971 Maserati Indy America Coupé, Coachwork by Carrozzeria Vignale

1972 Jaguar E-Type Series III V12 Roadster

1968 Maserati Quattroporte Sports Saloon Coachwork by Carrozzeria Frua

1970 Jaguar E-Type Series 2 4.2-Litre 2+2 Coupé

revenge is sweet (pedestrian hit the car, was upset at getting honked at and yelled at for walking in the road)

work smarter not harder - Michael Guerra

What are you going to do when a giraffe decides it is going to admire your bike?

what the hell did this guy do to perfect the balance of his bike? gyros? Money_Ronn on Instagram

pondering a warm up of 40kph (25mph) before breakfast

A cheetah can sprint to 75 mph for short bursts.... and it is the only cat with claws that do not retract

Only half of the chases, which last from 20 - 60 seconds, are successful.

In 1900, there were over 100,000 cheetahs across their historic range. Today,only about 10,000 cheetahs remain in the wild in Africa.

Q-line street car in downtown Detroit.... what was the point of a 180 million dollar light rail shuttle? It's not for mass transit of the 40% of the Detroit population under the poverty line, or 26% without a car

It's for bar hoppers, tourists, concert and ball game attendees, and to increase the property value of the 94 locations bought up by one guy, who pushed the city of Detroit to get a street car system.

He also trademarked several names before the rail system was designed, then bought the naming rights, as well as sponsoring several stations on the route.

Why? Because Quicken Loans realized that bankrupt Detroit was the place to dominate and install a legacy for it's corporation. That, and to get rich. Well, richer.

More than $7 billion in new investment poured into 211 development projects on either side of the streetcar’s path since 2013 - the QLine commissioned study points out.

The QLine will run north from the city’s central business district past the Detroit Tigers stadium, stop at the Red Wings hockey arena, before ending at Grand Boulevard in the New Center neighborhood

And, it's clear that it can't meet the ridership numbers needed to be self sustaining. The QLine already depends on sky-high ridership estimates to break even: 5,000-8,000 passengers per day. If it achieves that total, it’d be the second most trafficked streetcar route in the U.S., Bridge reports. That's just not possible in Detroit. Not in summer, not in winter.

Progress Michigan published a brutal report on the M1 Rail that assessed the actual walkability and access of the light rail. Its conclusion? The M1 Rails serves corporations and not people.

The one possible means of attaining those numbers might be a mandate for employees of the Q Lines corporate benefactors, to use the streetcar is free passes for employees don’t seem out of the realm of possibility. Already, Quicken loans owner Dan Gilbert has scooped up parking garages (1800 parking spaces) in the New Center area, along the north end of the streetcar line.

The data points out that the rail doesn't do much as legitimate public transit for the city —it was built to raise local real estate values. It is a 3.3-mile streetcar confined to the city’s core, Detroit did nothing to help the population, or suburbs and instead joined the growing ranks of American city streetcar systems financed by developers and businesses who stand to gain from such projects.

The politicians are bought and paid for. They're using taxes from the middle and low income to serve the millionaires and political election campaign donors, real estate developers, and property managers.

"One reason this is truly problematic is that Dan Gilbert, owner of Quicken Loans, also happens to own 79 downtown properties very close to QLINE. As has been studied and stated in the quote above, transit enhances local property values. Public dollars are being used as an investment device for Dan Gilbert and a small handful of other individuals."

To Detroit boosters, it’s the potential first step in solving the city’s notoriously bad public transit.

To the rest, it's clearly 182 million dollars spent that does nothing to solve Detroit's problems; lack of job growth, lack of access to jobs, poverty, and mass municipal water shutoffs due to the lead poisoning or blood testing of lead levels being 25-30% higher than scientists believe to be a level low enough to not cause brain damage.

 High lead amounts in blood cause autism, anemia, miscarriages, hypertension, ADHD, ASPD, lower IQ, and other neuropsychological functioning such as anxiety, depression, lessened organization of thinking and behavior, reduced speech articulation, lowered language comprehension and production, reduced learning and memory efficiency, reduced fine motor skills, reduced problem solving flexibility, and poor behavioral self-control.

a geographically accurate New York City subway map

Sorry it's light and hard to see, but I'm not at my laptop to give it a shot of photoshop to boost the colors, contrast, and tints. What you can see though, if you click on it for full size, is that it's realistic

unlike the geometically abstract lines and curves method of Vignelli's 70's style we are used to

here's another example, this is London's Underground

above a very recent print out only released due to a customer sending in a Freedom Of Information request, vs below, the standard geometry abstract showing relative positions on each train route made in 1931.

Created in 1933, Harry Beck's Tube map is a classic of map design and has been copied around the world.

 Its main innovation was to show the network's stations not in their geographic locations, but in position relative to one another. The map was introduced in 1933.

Reasoning that travellers only wanted to know how to get from one station to another, he drew the Tube lines as running either vertically, horizontally or at 45 degree diagonals. Beck also enlarged the crowded central area of the map in order to make it easier to read.

However, this method has severe drawbacks, as in his 1995 travel book, Notes From A Small Island, Bill Bryson describes how a stranger to London would get from Bank to Mansion House using the Tube map. He said he would take the Central Line to Liverpool Street, and then change to the Circle Line for another five stops to Mansion House. He would then emerge to find himself just 200 yards down the street where he had started from.

While the 1933 Beck map is indisputably easy to understand, it can create confusion for people not used to its distortive effect. Previous research has suggested that as much as 30 per cent of the network's passengers take a longer route between two stations.

 Critics say that because the map cannot be relied upon to provide accurate distances between stations, travellers are needlessly tempted to spend time and money travelling between two destinations by Tube rather than by walking.

Professor Guo trained worked as a consultant for Transport for London in 2006. He has since written a number of academic papers on London's transport system. He is likely to have chosen to study London's network as its world-famous map is one of the most geographically distorted in the world.

the last Viper - movie by Pennzoil

Caltrans decided it will no longer maintain or install Botts dots

A six-year Caltrans study that concluded in the early 2000s showed that accident rates weren’t significantly affected whether the dots were there or not. The state agency then spent years weighing the dots’ pros and cons before deciding they were no longer worth the maintenance effort – or the risk to workers.

“It’s an older technology that’s getting phased out,” said Gaspar Inzunza, a Caltrans maintenance supervisor in Orange County. “Having a newer technology completely replace it is ideal. It’s safer and more cost effective

Inzunzan has seen, in his eight years with the state, technology improve such as thermoplastic striping that reflects more light in the dark and rain, and with plastic composite markers that stand up to traffic for years longer than the dots.

Tyler Witte didn't need a crazy amount of money and a super expensive racecar to make a Gymkhana video. He took his Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS and a good right location.